Sunday, December 19, 2010

X-List - 12-17-2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heads will Roll!

How dare the gay in charge in of the backstage facelift not do a head turn check!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Down with the Swirl

Hahaha, so the title of this blog truly has nothing to do with the entry. It's just a phrase that I've had stuck in my head said by none other that Wendy Williams. What does it mean you ask? It's what she says about interracial couples, particularly a Caucasian and an African-American. It's ridiculous but slightly funny at the same time. But that's Wendy!

So I really consciously haven't blogged, here or vlog, in the last few days cause I've been in a mood. A mood that I keep telling myself "if you ain't got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." So I haven't. But it has passed. Truthfully, the people from Thursday night did it. I have such a great time interacting with the crowd and talking to people after the show. That I just can't stay in the funk while doing it. Hallelu!

I must admit there was one gentleman in particular I met that just moved here from San Francisco. He shared some words with me and really engaged me in a conversation that left me feeling recharged and restored to where I really needed to be. The details will remain anonymous but he really snapped me back to a zone that that I'm quite happy to be.

So let the blogging continue.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

iPhone 4 for $25

Some of you may know that I have been holding out on upgrading my iPhone 3GS because I was waiting for the the white iPhone 4, which is not going to be released after all and with talks of the next gen being released in June it just seemed better to wait anyways.
So my mind was set, no upgrade until next version.
Until yesterday
On one of the blogs I read broke word that you could get an iPhone 4 for $25.
Lemme break it down 4 ya
So the phone is on sale at $50 off
Then for trading in my current iPhone 3GS I get $125
You do have the option of the 16gb or the 32gb, since this is just to hold me over til the new one, and being that I only have like 8gb of stuff on my current phone, I'm going with the 16gb.
I mean for $25 that's just to good to pass up.
I went to today to upgrade and as you can imagine they are sold out, but she ordered me one and it should be here wed/thurs. Yay!

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Monday, November 29, 2010


As you can probably tell by now I'm a pretty tech savvy person, which is probably an understatement. As I was looking around on facebook this morning I occurred to me that there are so many features on that site that go unused because people are just so unaware. Because let's face it most, ok some, of the folks on there are just there to be there. You know to be able to say they have a facebook. Which is cute, and "A" for effort but I would like more people to participate! And I say participate as in engaging, checking mail, grrrrrr and check your damn invites. And not only check them, respond to them, that's what they were sent to you for.
YouTube, I fricken love YouTube! Not only as a youtuber but as a consumer. I have found myself completely engaged in some peoples videos. Surprise surprise YouTube is not just a place for viral videos, like my videos, YouTube is also a place to where some people go to express themselves in video form, but what are they doing in those videos? Some are singing, some are acting, some are yappin (me), some are telling tales that they can't share with anyone else in their own world. Why?
I can tell you from my personal usage that in front of that camera I feel free? Yes I question mark it because I'm not sure that free is the word either, but there is just something about being able to say some shit without interruption about whatever it is on the brain. They are a video version of what your reading now. Although I think I usually get deeper during my typed blogs vs. my video blogs. And now that I can actually blog there I anticipate there being more deep ish on the blog, not 100% but more often than not. While typing I feel free-er than in front of the camera. And let me just be real honest, they are much less time consuming to put together, lol.
Overall I just wish people as were as connected as I am, okay wait, that might be a bit much, cause even I know I'm over connected, let's say... If everyone was half as connected as I am, life would be so much easier.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Friends + Good Movie = Good Times

Last night me and.... Get ready... Iris, Alexis, Tiffany, Janae, Yuri, Luis, Samuel, Marcial, Hector, and Dragity went to see Burlesque. It was kinda random that when we got into the theatre it was a full house, yet there was one row of prime seating that was completely open and ready for all of us just file right on into.
TWO THUMBS UP! And if I had more thumbs I'd give them more. I'm glad to say that Christina's acting debut was on point. But I will say the same thing about Beyonce in her first acting roles, she played a great singer cause she is one. Next I would like to see her in a non-singing acting role. With that tho, it didn't work for Britney to be a singer in her big screen debut, so it doesn't ALWAYS work out that well.
The costumes, hot like fire. I liked they were simple, they got the point across but I did still believe that Tess could have been in the back hot gluing pieces of them together.
The boy, umm hello! Yes honey give me a cookies, I don't know if that was product placement, which I'm sure it was, but I loved Famous Amos cookies before and after tonight I'm ready to buy some stock.
Tess, oh my Tess, I don't think it needs to be said, but Cher can do no wrong. Cher is the one person I connected with the most. I know a few things about the stress of managing some out of control vixens. As Cher once said "I've had a lot of practice."
I'm an emotional watcher, I teared up throughout the film. Just as much as I found myself filled with excitement after the stage numbers and saying "WERK BITCH."
I cannot wait for the DVD!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blog App

So today I was had to run some errands and was like "oh look, my change jar is pretty full" so I took on over to coinstar and tuned it in for an iTunes gift card. So now I have $30 on iTunes that I needed to use, first stop, blogging app. And so here I am on this app typing this up thinking to myself "self, the app is the way to go"
So I will use the blogging app. This one is was the most attractive to me and it's called blogpress, with it I guess it updates twitter, in turn, updating my facebook, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to migrate to a new blog. And from what I understand I can upload pics too, I had add on a picasa account to my google. But as I said in my vlog, it's all connected so it wasn't too big of a hassle. So I have to decide which one pic I want to appear on my blog as a test run. And see if it all uploads and comes together.

So I decided to go with a photo of my god daughter and her b-day gift that I bought her.
1, 2, 3 Upload

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holidays Are Here

So to me the holiday season begins today. Today I put my holiday playlist on my iPod and it features a good bend of tunes from my favorite holiday albums. My favorite most untraditional traditional tracks from the one and only RuPaul's Christmas album Ho Ho Ho (link below). Every year so far I find myself listening to those songs most. Especially Hard Candy Christmas feat. Michelle Visage, which btw, I hear that visage is gonna be one of the new resident judges on Drag Race, replacing Murl, I think that's how it's spelled, but you know who I mean, the resident female judge that always had crazy weaves, yes crazier than Ru's.
But back to Holiday playlist so yeah, some of the highlights include TLC's Sleigh Ride, Celine's So This is Christmas, some Josh Grobin, No Doubt's Oi to the World, of course some Mariah, SUUUUUSAN BOOOYYYLLE (typed in Oprah's voice),some Destiny's Child Christmas, and another fave Cher feat. Rosie O'Donnell - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) which is definitely a track that is on heavy rotation. It's just so good!
Ugh, and well although I love me some Gaga, he one Christmas song is not on my playlist. Ugh, it's just not the bizness, particularly because I know she is capable of an amazing Christmas song, hell album even, her one so far just not it.
So welcome to the holidays and I hope everyone can get in the festive mood that this time of year I think everyone should be in.

X-List - 11-25-2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Diva X - Telephone

App blogging or Web Blogging

So now that I,ve updated my links on my website and I've posted my final blog with myspace directing folks here I need to decide if it is best to just blog here using the safari browser on my iPad or get an app? So far the safari seems to work just swell.
Anyhow, is literally freezing here in Fresno, like really, the temp is at freezing. Ugh I like the cold but not this damn cold!

A New Home, A New Beginning

So today I moved into my new blog home.
Ugh, it's just such a big undertaking to move accounts, and redirect, and this and that and the next.
But oh well, Clearly MySpace was not gonna be home for much longer, i knew that about 20 months ago, but just didn't move the damn thing.
You'll notice my posts there were mostly video.
Not too complicated to do on my part, But then i would find myself typing paragraphs and clicking submit and then the paragraphs would disappear off somewhere in cyber heaven or maybe even cyber hell depending on the topic of the blog. But anywhooo. I was just like funk it.
With the videos, i have the code saved and then it was a copy paste.
But now i'm on the BLOGGER site.
I'm kinda excited to start anew and connect a little.
Let the BLOGGING begin.

Oh Yeah. If by chance you want to check out my old blog.
GOOD LUCK! It's hosted on MySpace!
Just kidding.
Supposdly you can see it somewhere on my profile