Saturday, July 2, 2011

XS - Run This Mutha

Friday, January 14, 2011

X-List - 1-13-11

Fail already and AZ

Okay so it's barely the 12th day of the new year and I feel that I have already failed at my quest to blog every day. What has made my fail, LIFE. Ugh it just comes at you. Right? As if you the reader didn't know. I have been on a quest to get my sleep schedule semi-normal and that has been a struggle in itself. But there have been things going on that I been wanting to speak on. One I will tackle now, the other I will tackle on the return of my vlog. Which by the way has been hiatus because my desktop has been in the hospital getting some implants and finally yesterday I got to pick it up and is now up and running and ready to rock. Thursday the vlog back!

But more importantly I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on the Arizona situation. First and foremost, almost needless to say, it's a very sad situation.
My thoughts to the family, here's the thing, if you have anyone else, son, daughter, niece, whatever living under your roof. You have to know what they hell they are up to under your roof. There is no reason you should not know what someone is doing under your roof. You are providing something and that is part of it. Do I blame them? No. But I think it's irresponsible for them to say they didn't have any clue something was wrong with their son.
The shooter - it takes no time at all to determine that he has to be slightly, or more, not present. One look at that mug shot is all it takes to know that there is something not right. I was like, "is this fool smiling?" YES the fool is smiling! Now I cannot even look at the pic, it just creeps me out!
Sarah Palin - Ok, we can't blame her. Forgive her father for she knows not what she do. She's just "going rogue." It's not like we all didn't know she too was slightly not all there right. At this point we have all had the chance to hear at least one of her amazing speeches, hell some of us, me excluded, have even paid thousands of dollars to hear her speak. Talk about "can I get a refund?" But really, I do Think it's socially irresponsible to use the graphics and terms that have been used in the political world, her political world. Growing up i always associated the red, white, blue, green, and the flag as symbols of government, not cross-hairs! Who invited her to the party? Oooooh yeah, McCain. Geez. I'm not one to get political, but I closing I say to the political realm CLEAN IT UP!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Talk

Lately I been getting into The Talk, the show that has been dubbed a View knock-off. But I must say it stands on it's own. It's kinda found it's way into my heart. Best of all, NO BARBARA. I don't have to anticipate watching the show and being irritated by Barbara's unprofessionalism. Ugh it's so annoying. But The Talk does a great job at tackling topics and conversations. When they put Misses O AKA Sharon Osbourne up against the pageant mom I knew Sharon would go there with her, and she did. Over all the cast is good, I enjoy Leah Remini the most. She is like the relative. She's the one that says the things I would say, and reacts to things the way I would. Now I'm not sure Julie Chen was the best choice as moderator, not because she does a bad job. But because when she's talking all I can think about that she would just bust out and say "Welcome to Big Brother" Big Brother is the show that I first encountered Julie Chen.
In the end, I love my View, it will never be replaced, but trust and believe I will continue to "enjoy the view" while "having the talk"

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What makes you wanna stay?

Today was kinda an interesting day, I went thru most of it feeling slightly disoriented due to this crazy congestion thing I have going on, the kind that from time to time makes your hearing a little crazy. Yeah that kind.

But the moral take home points of the day come from a conversation/Argument/counseling session I has with an old friend. My friend has this problem, the problem, a girl. A girl from every which way I can see is using him for personal gain.

But more importantly, to me the girl has already done and said things that to me cannot be undone. Here's my point, I have a certain level of self worth that if some disrespects me past that, or crosses certain boundaries, trust and believe there will be no other opportunity for that kinda sh*t to happen again. This is no 3 strikes state. I'd be D-O-N-E - DONE! More principles at play with me, well 2 come to mind
1. If he hit you once, he will hit you again.
2. Which is a broader look at 1, but 2. When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.

Yes ms. Honey. But because my friend still has this feeling that he still wants to be with her I had to pose the question "what is it in you that make you wanna stay with someone who would treat you that way?" I think too many people worry a lot about others but do not put as much thought, or perhaps even worth in to situations they find themselves in. Sad, yes it is. He a pretty good guy, he can be a little assey sometimes, but nothing that would call for such whack ass behavior towards him.

Don't stand for whack ass behavior folks, put a little more value in you.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Where you at

What it do 2011? Well here we are a new year, another start to something that's seems to be going faster and faster with each one that passes. So this year I have in my brain been dealing with an internal struggle of something that I want to do every day. And I think blogging is what I came to the conclusion is the most realistic. And back in November I told myself that I need to start doing more personal self reflection/assessing of things and thoughts and opinions and really pay attention, or really being conscious of the way things effect me personally. Already in this past 3 days of 2011 I have did some crying, did some growing, and have aligned myself to a better me in 2011. It's hard, but I think I have already developed core principles of me, but just need to remember to apply them to the aspects of my life that I often forget to. But life is work in progress, and progress is what it's all about. I will have good days and I will have bad days, but how I handle those days is where the work will be done.
I think we all have those days when you just wanna pop off and just let them have it. And trust and believe, it's a struggle not to. But in not, that's growth.
So we shall see how great, how grand, this growth can be.
As part of my self reflection I started asking questions of people who my remember things that aren't quite in the forefront of my mind.
One thing I learned recently about me as a toddler was that I loved the song "Walking on Sunshine"
One thought that's been on my brain is from Ms. Angelou via my girl Oprah "When you know better, do you better"
2011, here we GROW,

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